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Kursnummer: 20F72780

Status: Kurs abgeschlossen

Info: The main aim of this course is to help participants to improve their speaking skills. We will be using a wide range of conversational activities to recycle and widen your range of vocabulary and boost your fluency, giving you more confidence to speak in English.
However, you will also have the opportunity to bring up and discuss any aspects of the English language you have always been unsure about and would like to revise.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Zeitraum: Di. 04.02.2020 (10:30 - 12:00 Uhr) - Di. 19.05.2020

Kosten: 67,40 €

Unterrichtsstunden: 24

Max. Teilnehmeranzahl: 12

Details: 2,-Euro für Kopien

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